Woman awarded £5,000 for poor dental treatment

Woman awarded 5,000 for poor dental treatment 25664

A woman from Knebworth has been awarded compensation of almost £5,000 after suffering poor dental work.

Carole Gavin sued Dr Alykhan Dinani over treatment that was carried out to such a low standard it resulted in her losing a tooth. Ms Gavin had visited the dentist for routine root canal treatment and a crown, but the action taken by the medical expert left one tooth so badly broken and infected that it later had to be removed.

The 46-year-old villager told the Hertfordshire Mercury she is not the sort of person who would take legal action on a whim, but she felt the incident was of such severity that she opted to.

"I wanted to make people aware of what happened and that there is a recourse. You can't see inside your own mouth. You don't know what should be done and you can't tell if it's been done correctly," Ms Gavin said.

She had originally visited the practice to see Dr Dinani in May 2008 and described how the crown was fitted poorly. Indeed, she soon found food became lodged under her tooth and this led to an infection and a painful abscess.

At this point, she returned to the practice and told how the dentist did not remove the food residue that had gathered beneath the crown. Several weeks later she tried to get another appointment but was soon rushed into A&E.

"The left side of my face became extremely swollen and I was in so much pain. I was really concerned so I went straight to my nearest hospital," she explained.

Ms Gavin was informed the tooth could not be repaired because the root canal treatment had been carried out incorrectly. As a result, it was removed.

She has now been awarded compensation of £4,875. Dr Dinani and Stevenage Dental Practice chose not to comment.