Employer fined after worker's fingers amputated

The unnamed 37-year-old was working at Sofidel UK, one of the biggest paper towel manufacturers in Europe, when the accident took place on September 26th 2012.


Company fined after crush injury accident

A Gretna-based company has been fined after breaches in Health and Safety led to a worker being permanently disabled.


Bradford widow in Asbestos plea

A widow in Bradford whose husband died of Mesothelioma has appealed for his former colleagues to come forward in aid of an investigation into Asbestos exposure.


Tayside firm fined after burn injury accident

Gordon Roberts, aged 38 at the time of the incident on December 2nd 2010, had to spend more than a week in hospital because of his injuries, but was lucky to survive and returned …


Birthday party brawl leads to compensation

Steven Gamble, 36, of Darlington, arranged a get-together for his step-daughter's 17th birthday party on Saturday April 6th earlier this year and the incident took place when the …

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