Bradford widow in Asbestos plea

Bradford widow in asbestos plea 25751

A widow in Bradford whose husband died of malignant Mesothelioma has appealed for his former colleagues to come forward in aid of an investigation into possible Asbestos exposure.

Michael Pitman died at the age of 71 in December 2010, just five months after he was diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma, which is caused by the lung's lining being coated by fibres from Asbestos; reports the Bradford Telegraph and Argus.

Asbestos disease is incurable and thousands of workers diagnosed with Asbestos-related diseases have died from exposure to Asbestos fibres at work.

But before the man's death, Mrs Pitman went to a law firm with claims that the 71-year-old was exposed to Asbestos while he worked for Frank Robinson Plumbing and Heating Engineers in Bradford between 1954 and 1961.

The man may also have come into contact with Asbestos when he worked as a plumber for the structural department of Bradford Council from 1964 to 1981.

However, finding the exact facts of the case has been difficult and Kathleen, 68, Mr Pitman's widow, wants his former colleagues to get in touch.

Anyone who worked for either Bradford Council's structural department in the 60s and 70s, or Frank Robinson Plumbing and Heating Engineers in the late 1950s could hold the key to proving that negligence was behind Mr Pitman's untimely death.

Mrs Pitman said, "We were all devastated by Michael's diagnosis and he straight away thought back to where he could have been exposed to Asbestos. We moved from Bradford to Flamborough in the late 1980s to enjoy our retirement by the coast but now I have been robbed of that.

"He soon remembered coming into contact with Asbestos dust regularly while mixing Asbestos powder over bath tubs."

The case may, however, be difficult to trace as Bradford Council has seen massive restructuring efforts since the early 1980s, while Frank Robinson Plumbing and Heating Engineers no longer operates.

But if a trusteeship can be formed by companies that may have acquired the heating company before it folded, then Mrs Pitman could be in line to receive a significant compensation settlement.

By Francesca Witney