Cyclist calls for pothole action

Cyclist calls for pothole action 25723

A cyclist that made a report about a dangerous pothole has called on his local council to take action that could stop a road traffic accident.

Keith Wigley, 60, of Heeley, was riding along the A61 when his wheel got stuck in a pothole that was covered up by a puddle, reports The Star.

"Had I fallen, I could have ended up in the path of a vehicle," the veteran cyclist remarked.

Mr Wigley has previously fallen victim to potholes in the Sheffield Council area and ended up with bruising all over his upper body after crashing - something he might be able to claim compensation for.

Amey, which is in charge of road maintenance in the Sheffield area, has since filled in the pothole and thanked Mr Wigley for bringing the issue to its attention.

But with the winter drawing in and more potholes expected to be created by poor, icy conditions, it is likely the problem will become worse before it gets better.

By Francesca Witney