Employer fined after worker's fingers amputated

Tissue maker hit with fine after workers fingers amputated 25755

An unnamed 37-year-old man was working at Leicester-based Sofidel UK, one of the biggest paper towel manufacturers in Europe, when he suffered serious injury in an accident on September 26th 2012.

Leicester Magistrates' Court was told that the staff member placed his hand inside a converting machine in an attempt to remove a blockage.

But as he did this, his hand became trapped and two of his fingers on his left hand were so badly damaged their tips had to be amputated.

After being informed of the incident, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launched an investigation and found there was no guarding system in place to prevent workers from being able to access dangerous components.

For its part in the unnamed man's injury, Sofidel were fined £2,000 and told to pay £700 in costs.

A lack of proper guarding remains endemic in the manufacturing industry and the HSE has recently gone on a safety drive to remind companies they must prevent dangerous gears and pulleys from being accessible by staff members.

By Francesca Witney