Asbestos 'dumped' outside Blackpool school

Asbestos dumped outside Blackpool school 25779

A number of children inside a school had to be kept inside after it was discovered Asbestos was dumped on its premises today (December 11th).

While no youngsters at Langdale Free School in North Shore were known to have breathed in Asbestos particles from the bag, Environmental Health teams from Blackpool Council were called in to ensure the area was safe; reports the Blackpool Gazette.

The Asbestos was found by a neighbour of the school, who immediately notified staff about its presence. If any business or contractor is found to have been involved in the illegal dumping of Asbestos, it could face a heavy fine, especially as children were put at risk of harm.

School principal Carol Stallard said, "A neighbour came to tell us somebody had dumped something like Asbestos. We rang Environmental Health and followed their advice as regards safety of children.

"We've been told it's not a danger, we are assured it's not a problem. But safety always comes first. It is disappointing that people are so irresponsible that they would do this."

The fact that children had to be kept indoors also ruined plans for an infant nativity, which will now be postponed until later this week.

Although in this case there was no harm done, the illegal dumping of dangerous Asbestos remains a large problem throughout the UK and could result in a substantial fine or a jail sentence in particularly reckless cases.

Earlier this year it was found that a youth centre in Scotland had not had a pile of Asbestos cement roofing panels removed from its premises because of a £1,000 removal cost. The problem was later rectified, but parents were worried their children were put at risk.

One mum, Janine Baird, 27, told the Edinburgh Evening News, "Is £1,000 worth more than the health of children?"

Inhaling Asbestos over a prolonged period of time can result in malignant lung cancer, mesothelioma and less serious coughing issues.

By Chris Stevenson