Paramedics resuscitate man electrocuted at work

Paramedics had to resuscitate the worker, who nearly died after touching a highly electrically charged cable in an unsafe testing area.


Research shows effectiveness of internet-stress management

Cleveland Clinic, based in the US state of Ohio, has published research that shows the use of internet-based stress management programmes has a hugely beneficial effect on profess…


Man released from hospital dies of Aneurysm

Daren Hooper, 42, was at work when he collapsed due to an unknown illness, reports the Daily Mail.


Teenager breaks both legs in accident at work

At the time of the accident the man was moving materials around the factory when a pallet, which, per company policy, was being dragged along the floor; fell onto his legs.


Woman could claim against ex-partner for her injuries

After an all-day drinking and drug-taking session Richard Gregson pushed his girlfriend, Carly Summerfield, down a set of stairs in a fit of rage, according to the Bristol Post.

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