Family may claim after Asbestos found in home

Family could launch claim after asbestos find 2771

A pregnant mother and her daughter may have to launch a claim for asbestos compensation against their property's owners after they supposedly failed to act in response to asbestos being found on the property.

Despite being told that asbestos had been found at the property she lives in, Michelle Lee's landlords, Your Homes Newcastle (YHN), allegedly have done nothing to rectify the situation, even after a home visit: according to the Chronicle Live.

Asbestos is a highly carcinogenic substance that, if left over a prolonged period of time, can have hugely negative health effects on those who breathe it in.

Many homes are fitted with asbestos, unbeknownst to their owners, as the substance was a popular building material until the 1980s before it was commonly known to have an adverse impact on human health. Drywall and fireproofing material are two of the more common household substances more likely to have been contaminated with the carcinogen.

Ms Lee, 28, discovered the asbestos when a plasterer, who was helping her with household upkeep, found the toxic substance, before leaving immediately due to contamination fears.

Later, a member of staff from the YHN told Ms Lee that the asbestos was only "low-grade" and that nothing needed to be done, despite the warning from the plasterer.

According to Ms Lee, no attempt at all was made to clean up the asbestos or even to seal it off, and now she is worried about her health as well as the health of her daughter and unborn child.

In a desperate attempt to decontaminate the area, Ms Lee tried to vaccum clean the affected area as best as was possible. Since then her vacuum cleaner has been confiscated over health fears.

Michelle Lee said: "I cleaned up the best I could and had the windows open but my daughter has been on the floor playing. On Monday contractors came out to board up the fire place and did an air quality test but by that point there wouldn’t have been a true reading."

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23/04/2013 16:35