Paul Gascoigne launches libel action

Paul Gascoigne launches libel action 2822

Football star Paul Gascoigne has launched a six-figure legal claim against the Daily Star.

The former England, Newcastle and Tottenham midfielder is suing the paper over the publishing of a leaked mobile phone video that he says was stolen from his flat, according to the Guardian.

One of the main points of contention in the article was the headline of "Caught on film: Gazza's descent into booze and drugs madness" that the news provider used.

In the footage, Mr Gascoigne can allegedly be seen keeled over and speaking incoherently - with the footballer saying the publishing of the clip showed a "gross invasion" of his privacy.

The Daily Star said the footage was recorded by Mr Gascoigne's concerned friend, who said he wanted to reveal the full extent of the troubled midfielder's problems in an attempt to get him help.

Additionally, Gascoigne says claims made by the paper that he injected cocaine were false and libel.

Gerald Shamash, the star's solicitor, said: "Despite his well-documented problems with alcohol, Paul is entitled to his privacy.

"This was a gross invasion of Paul's privacy and he feels very strongly about pressing this claim."

There have been a number of setbacks for Paul Gascoigne in recent years and he was recently seen shaking during a charity appearance on a stage in Northampton, before breaking down and sobbing in front of dozens of fans.

Another high-profile case involved the rampage of murderer Raul Moat, where Mr Gascoigne was alleged to have told police he knew the man - attempting to offer him a can of beer, a dressing gown, some chicken and a fishing rod.

At the time, the ex-Newcastle player told the local Metro Radio station: "He is all right - simply as that and I am willing to help him. I have come all the way from Newcastle to Rothbury to find him, have a chat with him.

"I guarantee, Moaty, he won't shoot me. I am good friends with him."

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