Pensioner's car damaged by large pothole

Pensioner s car damaged by large pothole 2830

A pensioner that hit a large pothole in Lincolnshire could launch legal action against the county council after it caused damage to his car.

Winston Day, 72, was driving his Audi A3 along Wood Lane in the countryside with his wife in the passenger seat last Tuesday (June 18th) when he spotted a lorry needed to pass him.

Due to the narrow build of the road, this meant Mr Day had to pull his car into the side of the road. It was at this point the man hit the large pothole, according to the Sleaford Target.

Even though he was only going 20 miles per hour - the road was so poorly maintained that his tyre burst and his car was spun out to the side.

Although the man was able to regain control of his vehicle and change the tyre - mechanic repairs have cost Mr Day £600 out of his pension pot.

Motorists that have extensive damage or injuries caused by poorly maintained roads may be entitled to launch a compensation claim against the council to reimburse them for any expenses.

The pensioner commented: "I was only doing about 20 miles per hour and I'd pulled in to let a lorry past when there was an almighty bang. The car was thrown sideways and it was quite frightening."

"A motorcyclist will die along that road if it’s not repaired soon, I'm sure of it," he added.

It is thought the poor condition of the road may have been caused by an increase in traffic because of a rail bridge closure in the locality.

Rowan Smith, area highways manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: "We were only made aware of the potholes very recently, but we have already scheduled them for repair."

He added that the authorities rely on members of the public to report badly maintained roads to them and concerned residents can phone 01522 782070 to do this.

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