Food company fined after worker suffers burn injuries

Food company receives fine after worker burned 25513

A Lincolnshire food manufacturer has received a fine in court after a worker was burned in an industrial accident.

Harvey Hopwood,health and safety manager at PAS sustained severe burns and scarring injuries to his shoulder, upper arms, neck and back as he oversaw the washing of a large oil storage tank on November 27th 2012.

Magistrates at a court in Grantham heard how he climbed between the guardrails on the top of the tank to monitor the hygiene process when he knocked a pressure gauge, which released oil at temperatures of 160 degrees C all over his torso.

Mr Hopwood was forced to take one month off work and later left the company because of the accident.

A subsequent investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found PAS did not adequately carry out a risk assessment and it was fined and charged costs to the tune of more than £17,000 by magistrates.

HSE inspector Judith McNulty-Green said: "Mr Hopwood was extremely fortunate not to be more seriously injured."

Posted by Chris Stevenson