Over £110,000 awarded to 'Boris Bike' riders

Over 110 000 awarded to 'Boris Bike' riders 2842

More than £110,000 in compensation has been awarded to riders using London's bicycle-based public transport network - popularly known as the Boris Bike scheme.

Although the system was only launched in July 2010, more than 40 claims of damage to property and nine for personal injuries have been lodged against Transport for London (TfL). The numbers were released after a Freedom of Information request, which also shows the body has yet to challenge a single complaint in the court system.

TfL is covered by an insurance policy and this meant taxpayers did not have to foot the bill, according to the Daily Telegraph.

A cyclist recently died on one of the Barclays-sponsored bikes - the first time anyone has suffered a fatal accident on the system. The 20-year-old was struck by a lorry outside Aldgate East underground station.

Some 11 claims from members of the public are still outstanding and it is unclear if TfL will appeal against any of these.

Posted by Chris Stevenson