BA passengers to get compensation after flight trauma

Hundreds of travellers on board a British Airways (BA) flight from the Saudi capital of Riyadh to London will receive compensation after enduring two emergency landings in a row.

Passengers were originally put on an aeroplane that had a technical problem and it turned around to go back to the airport.

While this is relatively normal, travellers boarded the same flight again after being told by pilots and engineers that the problem had been completely resolved when, once again, people on board the plane were forced to sit through an emergency landing.

Upon re-arrival at the airport in Riyadh, the passengers were furious and the situation became so heated that the army had to get involved and prevent fights from breaking out between cabin crew and fliers. 

However, now BA has offered people who had to go through the emergency landings with an undisclosed compensation package and it hopes this will help prevent any legal action.

Nobody was seriously injured in the incidents.

By Chris Stevenson