Lancashire residents' pothole anger

Residents in Brookfield, Lancashire, have expressed their outrage over the council's inability to repair potholes that have blighted a number of roads in the Mellor area.

People living in the village, which has a large population of old aged pensioners, said that maintenance had been completed on streets, but that it was only a quick-fix, with the surfaces now in a poor state once again, according to the Lancashire Telegraph.

Vera Bird, 80, who has lived on an affected road for 11 years, argued: "It's hard for a lot of residents here to actually walk along the pavement because of [these holes]. It makes us prisoners in our own homes sometimes when the weather is really bad."

The council have, however, commented that it will start work on the roads as soon as possible.

Potholes can be a big problem for local authorities, as drivers that have their car damaged because of them might be entitled to launch a claim to foot any repair bills.

By Francesca Witney