Man has foot amputated after rope fails

Man has foot amputated after rope fails to take weight 25568

A faulty rope has led to the amputation of a man's foot at an adventure park in Kent.

Joshua Senior, 25, fell around nine metres to the ground after a rope failed to take his weight at Rock (UK) Adventure Centre near Tonbridge on August 25th 2010.

Upon landing on the ground, he was unable to move either of his legs and at hospital it emerged he had broken his back.

The total paralysis of his lower body lasted six months and while he recovered to some extent, it became clear that he would need to have his right foot amputated to prevent infections, as his ankle had been completely crushed in the incident.

When it heard about the accident, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) sent its inspectors to find out what happened. 

Investigations revealed that the rope Mr Senior used had not been properly tested by its manufacturer - Pfiefer Rope and Tackle.

The Southampton-based company admitted liability and was forced to pay fines and costs totalling £26,348.

After the hearing, HSE specialist inspector Steve Simmons-Jacobs said: "This was an avoidable incident that has had a severe impact on a young life. It is only a matter of chance that this was not a fatality."

By Chris Stevenson