Scottish worker injured after 4m fall

Scottish worker injured after 4m fall 25577

A Scottish worker that was seriously injured after falling more than four metres from a roof may be entitled to compensation after his employers admitted liability.

The labourer involved is 33 years old and, at the time of the accident, was employed by Murdoch Mackenzie Construction as he fitted the roof of a property extension in the Ardrossan area.

There were two men working on the top of the building when the incident took place, as fitting polythene sheeting cannot be done by one person on their own.

But as the 33-year-old stepped backwards to assess whether the material was being laid out properly, he accidentally went over an unprotected part of the roof and fell four metres to the ground.

Unfortunately for the labourer, he did not hit a decking area that had just been installed, which would have broken his fall and reduced the severity of his injuries.

Upon hitting the ground, the Scot sustained a fractured collar bone injury and extensive bruising to his right lung.

Such was the severity of the man's torso injuries, doctors had to fit him with a metal plate and a bone graft to encourage it to repair itself properly - a very painful process.

When it heard about the incident, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) immediately dispatched one of its inspectors to establish the facts of the case.

The investigation concluded that Murdoch Mackenzie was at fault for the 33-year-old's injury, as there was not a proper barrier put around the edge of the construction area - which resulted in the high likelihood of an accident.

Officials at the construction firm pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 6(3) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and were fined £13,400.

After the trial concluded, HSE inspector Graham Mitchell said: "This was an entirely avoidable incident. This employee sustained serious injury from which he is still recovering.

"Falls from height remain one of the most common reasons for injuries and even fatalities at work and it is extremely fortunate that this employee survived such a fall."

By Francesca Witney