Suffolk pothole sinks lorry

Suffolk pothole sinks lorry 25549

A pothole in Suffolk has caused a lorry to crash and block a road.

The truck, which belongs to Bagnall and Morris, was travelling along Blackhouse Lane in Little Conrad when it became lodged in the side of the road at 3pm.

Although residents along the street have long complained to the council about the amount of potholes affecting motorists, nothing has been done, according to the Suffolk Free Press.

Local councillor, Tony Platt, admitted not enough is being done and said Suffolk County Council needs to take action as soon as possible.

"We can only hope some action will be taken as a matter of urgency and our complaints will not be dismissed out-of-hand any more" he told the news provider.

Although many motorists and cyclists don't realise it, local councils are often liable for pothole accidents - especially if damage or injuries are extensive and can be linked to a lack of maintenance.

By Francesca Witney