Derbyshire pupils awarded compensation after injuries

Derbyshire pupils awarded compensation after injuries 25631

Thousands of pounds in compensation have been awarded to students at schools across Derbyshire in the past three years.

A Freedom of Information request submitted by the Derbyshire Times shows that over £400,000 was claimed by staff and the families of pupils since 2010.

While the specifics of the incidents, including names, genders and ages of those involved, were not revealed, it was shown that one teenager was given £25,000 after facing severe bullying, while a secondary school student received £23,710 because they were struck by an object.

A staff member was awarded £13,000 after their employer admitted fault for a lifting and handling injury, while £1,200 was given to a teacher who "used defective equipment".

While schools and other educational facilities have a right to take cases like these to court, they often opt to settle outside of court to reduce legal fees and avoid bad press.

By Chris Stevenson