Man wins compensation after skyscraper scorch

The owner of a Jaguar has been compensated by building developers after his car was damaged due to the design of a skyscraper.

Developers behind the so-called 'walkie talkie' building - a new addition to the City of London's skyline - paid a man £1,000 after his car's exterior was warped and damaged by sunlight reflecting from the structure, according to the BBC.

Project managers behind the firm confirmed that the concave design of the skyscraper means that any reflected heat is intensified.

Some amateur recordings of the area hit by reflections have read temperatures in excess of 90 degrees C and a barber shop has complained that its front door carpet was nearly set alight because of the design flaw.

Parking has since been suspended along the road and experts have assured Londoners that the problem will only affect the street for two hours a day - three weeks a year due to the position of the sun. 

However, the developers have confirmed they will work to rectify the problem before further damage is caused.

By Francesca Witney