Witnesses tell of Dunbar bus crash

Witnesses tell of Dunbar bus crash 25625

Witnesses have outlined how a bus in Dunbar, Scotland, crashed into a cottage after it collided with a car.

Seven people were taken to hospital following the smash and local residents told the Edinburgh Evening News that the road's layout meant it was an "accident waiting to happen".

The number 120 bus travelling to North Berwick was carrying between 15 and 18 passengers at the time of the crash and the 40-year-old bus driver had to be cut out of his seat because of the force of the collision.

Michael Veitch, a local councillor, said that it is widely known in the area that visibility is poor for motorists along the lane.

If it is proven that poor road design caused the accident, claims against the local council could force the council to pay compensation. Police investigations are ongoing and a number of victims are still being treated in hospitals.

By Francesca Witney