Asbestos Found in Caterham Girls School

Buxton Building Contractors brought in to carry out refurbishment work at the school in 2011, used a specialist surveying company to see if the undercroft of Woldingham Girls Inde…


TV Presenter Sues Over Sexual Harassment

Ms Vernon's actions were sparked off by being called a "whore" through her earpiece while presenting the TV show, Jewellery Maker.


Fabric Firm Fined after Work Accident Injury

The unnamed 25-year-old was cleaning the inside of a ten-metre tall tower when it began to rotate unexpectedly.


Shrewsbury Explosion Victims Get Compensation

The blast occurred on January 3rd four years ago at the corner between Bridge Street and Smithfield Road. The damage to the affected building was so serious that parts of the town…


Mesothelioma Compensation Bill Becomes Law

The Mesothelioma Bill passed through its report and third reading in the House of Commons yesterday, having previously been through the committee debates in both the House of Lord…

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