Compensation for London Riots Still Not Paid

London riot compensation remains unpaid 25809

A new Freedom of Information request has shown more than 130 compensation claims stemming from the London riots have not been paid.

The government made a pot of money available to those hit hardest by the unrest in 2011, but statistics published by Steve Reed, shadow home office minister, show that only one sixth of the cash claimed has been sent out to residents.

Mr Reed said that the revelation confirms that the government has not done enough to care for those whose property was damaged in the riots, even after prime minister David Cameron promised the payments would be made promptly.

However, a spokesperson for the London Mayor's Office claimed all of the outstanding money related to compensation invoices posted by insurance companies, meaning that no individual residents are being left without cash.

Damian Green the Justice Secretary said only one per cent of claims remained outstanding and that these were the most complex the department had experienced.

By Chris Stevenson