Compensation for Slip and Trip in Starbucks

Woman wins compensation over Starbucks slip 25803

A pensioner has won a four-figure compensation settlement from Starbucks after it admitted liability following her slip and fall accident in one of its coffee shops.

Rosemarie Duggan, 71, launched legal action against the US-based firm after she slipped and fell on a greasy patch on the floor at the Bescot Retail Park Starbucks in Walsall.

The pensioner ripped muscles in her leg and had to use crutches to walk for 14 months, something that left her in "agony" for a long period of time after the accident took place.

"This could have been easily avoided if Starbucks had taken more care and put customer safety first, but I am pleased that I can now move forward with my life," Mrs Duggan stated.

When approached by the media Starbucks refused to comment on the compensation claim although it has previously stated its outlets operate a strict health and safety policy to protect consumers from harm.

By Chris Stevenson