Holiday Accident Compensation Claims Explained

Holiday Accident Compensation Claims Explained

Okay, let’s be clear about this. “Holidays” are exactly that - time off and away from the worries and cares of the everyday world.

The problem is that sometimes even holidays go wrong and when they do you might start wondering if you can claim compensation for an accident that occurred while you were on holiday in the UK or abroad. This is particularly true if you’ve suffered a terrible injury which could have been avoided.

You might immediately think that travel insurance would help with things like paying for medical care or early flights home. But what if the travel insurance doesn’t cover all the consequences of an accident on holiday? What about loss of earnings when you get home or further medical treatments and rehabilitation costs? And what should you do if you didn’t have any travel insurance?

Well, in the past holiday accident compensation claims might have been incredibly complicated. But these claims have been made a lot easier in recent years due to legislation called The Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

Such a long-winded name doesn’t exactly suggest that things will be simple and to be fair, sometimes they are not. But what they basically do in certain circumstances is allow you to claim holiday accident compensation against the tour operator or holiday provider in the UK, rather than having to think about bringing a claim, for example, against a foreign hotel or car rental agency’s insurance company.

These Regulations cover holidays which last either more than twenty four hours or at least overnight and which are booked beforehand. They also have to include two of the following which are part of an all-inclusive price: transport, accommodation or another tourist service which is a significant proportion of the package and not something that is merely ancillary to the transport or accommodation.

So, a simple package holiday booked beforehand for a week and where flights and hotels are all included in the price will in most, if not all circumstances, be covered.
But remember that even when these holiday Regulations don’t apply, Travel Claims Lawyers can still look into other laws to help you claim compensation for your injuries against the wrongdoer. So if you’ve had an accident on holiday due to someone else’s fault, it is always worth asking if you can claim compensation.

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