Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Claims Explained

If you are injured in a slip, trip or fall accident which is someone else’s fault then you may well have a claim for personal injury compensation.


Work Related Hearing Loss Claims Explained

If you’ve suffered hearing loss due to your work environment then you may well be able to claim compensation from your employer.


Food Poisoning and Holiday Sickness Claims

If you suffer food poisoning or get sick whilst on holiday then it’s quite possible that you can claim compensation when you are back home in the UK.


Work Accident Compensation Claims Explained

There are three main ways of establishing liability against an employer. The first is for straightforward negligence, this is basically when an employer fails to take sufficient c…


Car Accident Compensation Claims Explained

If you are injured in a car accident and can prove that the other driver is at fault then you may well have a successful claim for compensation. If the injury stops you from worki…

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