Food Poisoning and Holiday Sickness Claims

Food Poisoning and Holiday Sickness Claims

If you suffer food poisoning or get sick whilst on holiday then it’s quite possible that you can claim compensation when you are back home in the UK.

It might not be much comfort when you are suffering but if your food poisoning claim is successful, it might at least help to fund something you’ll appreciate in your life and even perhaps another holiday away from it all.

Unfortunately, food poisoning is a reality of life and even when you’re not on holiday it can be incredibly painful and distressing. But when you’re on holiday abroad and in unfamiliar surroundings both food poisoning and holiday sickness more generally can also be very frightening.

Illness abroad can have many causes and with food poisoning in particular examples include salmonella poisoning, E. coli and various other bacteria. But whatever it is, it’s very important that you tell the restaurant or hotel which may have caused it as soon as possible. Obviously, you may be in no fit state to be doing anything when food poisoning strikes but on the other hand, friends or relatives can also draw attention by reporting what has happened.

Furthermore, if you seek medical assistance, it’s very helpful to get a record of that and also of any medical tests which may have been made; and also keep records of any expenses too.

As you might imagine, a compensation claim action against a foreign hotel or restaurant may potentially be very complicated. But thankfully, in many cases, a claim can be brought against the company in the UK which organised the holiday.

The main law in this area is the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. What they basically mean is that so long as your holiday fits in with the particular requirements of the Regulations, then the tour operator will be liable. This means it will be more convenient for you and may mean that the amount of compensation you are entitled to is higher as the claim can be brought in the UK.

Even where the Regulations don’t help, the contract you made with the tour operator may help you to get compensation. What’s more, in some circumstances it might also be possible to bring a claim for compensation against the insurer of the owner of the hotel or restaurant in the UK.

So whatever the particular circumstances, if you’ve suffered food poisoning or been ill as a result of someone else’s fault on holiday abroad, then it could be well worth speaking with a No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyer to find out if you can claim compensation.

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