Work Accident Compensation Claims Explained

Work Accident Compensation Claims Explained

When you have an accident at work in the UK, there are many ways in which your employer may potentially be liable to pay you compensation for your injuries, for lost earnings, for rehabilitation costs and any related expenses.

This is particularly important when your injuries mean that you are no longer able to work and you’ve lost the means of perhaps paying the mortgage and/or supporting your family.

There are three main ways of establishing liability against your employer. The first is for straightforward negligence. This is basically when the employer fails to take sufficient care of his employee.

Another way is for breach of the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 which can potentially cover the responsibility of your employer as occupier of your workplace. This might include things like tripping and slipping accidents at work.

Finally, the law has developed further in the last few years and there are now a number of very specific Regulations which apply to particular types of situation. These cover issues such as work equipment, personal protective equipment and the workplace as a whole.

One set of Regulations specifically covers what is called manual handling operations which covers among other things certain types of lifting, carrying or moving of things at work.

If you are able to establish liability for the accident then the next thing is to work out your loss. This ranges from issues such as your immediate expenses after the accident right through to your loss of income and any care or specialist rehabilitation equipment you might need. An assessment is also made for your injury itself under a heading that Personal Injury Lawyers call “pain, suffering and loss of amenity.”

Of course, bringing a work accident claim against an employer isn’t always a pleasant task. You may well have known them a long time and what’s more generally be on good terms with them. It’s therefore something which needs to be dealt with in a way which is sensitive to whatever is the history of the particular employment relationship. Though remember that it is more than likely that your employer would be insured against accident claims if they were found liable.

So however you got injured at work, it’s generally worth considering whether your employer might be liable to pay compensation. Given the amount of legal rules and regulations in workplace law, it can be of particularly helpful to get expert legal advice from Personal Injury Lawyers that specialise in work accident compensation claims.

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