Work Related Hearing Loss Claims Explained

Work Related Hearing Loss Claims

If you’ve suffered hearing loss due to your work environment then you may well be able to claim compensation from your employer.

When you work in a noisy environment then your employer has a duty to protect you from the effects of that noise. If the employer haven’t protected your hearing then the noise might well have affected your hearing in which case you could be suffering what is sometimes called Industrial Deafness which includes conditions such as Tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Work induced hearing loss can come about either after years of prolonged exposure to excessive noise at work and in that time frame it can be something which creeps up on you without realising that it might have been caused by your workplace environment.

Hearing loss symptoms such as partial deafness or Tinnitus can have a terrible effect on the sufferer. They can affect not only your hearing but also the quality of your whole life and how you experience it. Relationships can be strained and sufferers can become exhausted just trying to do everyday things that previously they might not even have thought about.

Unfortunately, whilst a claim for hearing loss compensation won’t necessarily bring your hearing back or stop the symptoms altogether, it can help to compensate you both for your pain and suffering and also for other losses such as earnings which might have resulted from your injury.

It can also potentially provide you with access to top medical experts and also to hearing aids which might at least improve your symptoms somewhat; although in the case of Tinnitus there are currently no drugs available to treat or prevent Tinnitus.

Given the time frame over which these types of hearing injuries can arise and the medical issues involved, hearing loss claims can often be quite technical and so it is best to consult a No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyer that specialises in hearing loss claims.

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