Cyclist Injured after Lorry Sheds Load

Cyclist Injured after Lorry Sheds Load 25877

A cyclist in Manchester has spoken of his ordeal after he was hit by a large, heavy roll of paper that crashed into him after a lorry shed its load.

Keith Tyrer, 54, was hit by one of the papers rolls as it fell from the top of a truck on Chester Road in Stretford, Greater Manchester, earlier this month; reports the Manchester Evening News.

Cyclist Knocked Unconscious

Mr Tyrer was attempting to cross a roundabout at Barton Road as the lorry shed its load. 

The cyclist was right behind the vehicle as it went around the large roundabout when it started to swerve. At first the lorry kept its four wheels on the ground, but as it rounded a bend it overturned and spilled its load of heavy paper rolls, each more than three metres long.

Mr Tyrer managed to avoid most of the debris, veering away from the lorry as it started to tip over, but one of the rolls struck him on the back, causing him to fall off his bike.

The cyclist was knocked unconscious, but soon came to and was taken to hospital.

Broken Wrist & Collar Bone

Upon arriving at a nearby hospital, Mr Tyrer was diagnosed with a broken wrist and collar bone, as well as extensive bruising across his body following the accident.

Thankfully for the 54-year-old, he has since been discharged from hospital and has started his recovery at home, but will need weeks off work if surgeons decide to implant a metal plate into his wrist.

The father-of-two, who works as an engineering lathe operator, would lose substantial income if he had to have this operation and his broken collarbone still gives him chronic pain for which he regularly has to take medication, although doctors expect this to get better in the coming weeks.

"Hit on the Back"

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News after the accident, Mr Tyrer said, "I was just coming up to the roundabout and heard the lorry behind me on my right-hand side. I saw it start to topple over and tried to veer away to the left.

"But I was hit on the back by one of the rolls from the top as it rolled off. The next thing I knew I was lying in the gutter with a girl asking if I could move my legs.

"I'm still on a lot of painkillers and I won't know until my next hospital appointment if I will need a metal plate in my wrist."

Bicycle Accidents Increase

While there has been much news of the recent rise in cycling accidents in London, safety experts have claimed more needs to be done, particularly in Manchester and Liverpool, to protect commuters from injury as the ride bikes to and from work.

Earlier this year a 21-year-old man was killed in a collision with a cement mixer in the Fallowfield area of Manchester.

The case is still under investigation, but Wilmslow Road in Manchester, where the young cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene, is known to be an accident hotspot and has seen a number of serious injuries in recent years.

By Francesca Witney