Seven-Year Compensation Battle for Man Injured by Bus

Seven-Year Compensation Battle for Man Injured by Bus 25859

Corey Wilson, a 21-year-old from the Croydon area, was seriously injured during a bus accident almost seven years ago and he and his family have since been fighting for appropriate compensation for the effects the event has had on his life.

Bus Accident

Mr Wilson was boarding a double-decker Arriva bus in May 2007 when it pulled away from the stop, resulting in his sleeve getting caught in the door and him being dragged underneath it, the Croydon Guardian reports.

Passengers on the bus had to help lift the vehicle up to free Mr Wilson, who was immediately rushed to hospital, where he was required to spend two months, missing vital schooling.

For the past seven years, Mr Wilson has suffered extensively, both physically and mentally.


With regard to physical injuries, Mr Wilson broke his leg, fractured his ankle and suffered from a life-threatening brain trauma, which has resulted in him experiencing bouts of amnesia, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

During the ambulance journey to hospital following the accident, Mr Wilson's heart stopped and he had to be resuscitated by paramedics. 

He still has problems sleeping and requires constant care. 

Barbara Malcolm, Mr Wilson's mother, told the Croydon Guardian, "Before the accident he had ADHD, but nothing else. Now he has all these problems. It has been seven years and still we have nothing. I am here for Corey 24/7 because he is in so much pain and on so much medication."

The Aftermath

Mr Wilson is now required to take seven different types of medication each day and his mother has had to leave her job organising after-school activities to look after him full-time.

He is now unable to take part in sports, which he loved to do prior to the accident, and has found his wellbeing severely affected.

Mr Wilson said, "I can't stand up for long because I get light-headed. I used to do boxing, tennis and football but now I find it hard to run. I'm anti-social now. I don't go out much anymore."

He added he has suffered from feelings of depression due to being practically house-bound and has been unable to follow his childhood ambition of becoming either an electrician or a construction worker.

'Unreasonable' Compensation Offer

After fighting for suitable compensation over a six-year period, Arriva finally offered Mrs Malcolm and her son a settlement of £10,000.

However, she says this is nowhere near enough for the damage inflicted on her son's life, despite the family facing a constant daily struggle.

She said, "Sometimes I feel like giving up."

Despite this, Mrs Malcolm is continuing to negotiate with Arriva over the injuries sustained by her son as she believes a lack of concentration by the driver of the bus caused Mr Wilson to almost die.

Compensation Battle Continues

Speaking to the Croydon Guardian, a spokesman for Arriva said, "Communication between Corey Wilson's lawyer and our representatives is ongoing and with the matter being a legal case we cannot comment any further."