£7,000 Compensation Paid for Holiday Sickness

Family Wins Compensation over Holiday Illness 25901

The family of a taxi driver in Blackpool have been awarded a substantial compensation settlement after they were hit with food poisoning illness whilst on holiday in Turkey.

Jim Nixon, his wife Anthea, and their three young children Rhys, seven, Jake 12, and Keira, three, suffered from severe food poisoning sickness with symptoms that included diarrhoea and stomach cramps, as they stayed at the Holiday Village resort in Sarigerme, Turkey.


Keira needed antibiotics, such was the gravity of her food poisoning sickness, while Rhys and Jake had acute gastroenteritis for two months in total, which caused significant disruption to their lives; reports the Daily Mail.

The poor hotel conditions reported by Mr Nixon's family included dirty crockery and cutlery, reheated food that was served warm, unclean toilets and faeces in hotel swimming pools.

This left the taxi driver's family in their room for five days as they struggled to regain full health. 

But it wasn't just the Nixons who suffered this problem, as some 600 others have been awarded a total of £1.7 million in a settlement with First Choice Holidays, which managed the package holiday.

Food Poisoning Compensation

The Nixons themselves won £7,000 in compensation, but after spending £2,500 on the getaway, they are still furious about the state of the resort.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Nixon said, "We have never experienced anything so bad. We were only there a week and we spent most of our time in the room.

"A lot of people who were staying at the same resort at the same time as us said they had also suffered from food poisoning on holiday and when we were on the coach on our way back to the airport one family said their child had been on a drip in hospital because they were so ill. It's not what you expect on a £2,500 holiday."

Claim management Lawyers helped Mr Nixon and a number of other holidaymakers to reach a settlement with First Choice, but with more than 100 people, including children, being diagnosed with E.coli, salmonella and other serious illnesses, some believe that First Choice got off lightly.

BBC Watchdog

So high-profile was this holiday food poisoning case, the BBC's prime time Watchdog programme, which covers consumer rights stories, featured the hotel where Mr Nixon stayed on one of its investigations and found a number of failings that put guests at risk.

A spokesperson for First Choice Holidays told the Daily Mail they were unable to comment on these types of settlements. This is not the first time holidaymakers have been compensated for illnesses suffered on their holidays.

It was recently revealed that 26 people struck down by norovirus on board a cruise ship have shared a compensation settlement worth £42,500.

Many passengers on board the Boudicca cruise ship were confined to their quarters after being exposed to food poisoning illness, with many suffering extended periods of sickness, diarrhoea and stomach cramps; reports the Burnley Express.

But despite awarding compensation to holidaymakers affected by the outbreak, cruise line Fred Olsen has accepted no responsibility for the customers' illnesses and the case has not gone to trial.

By Francesca Witney