Pothole Fall Accident Breaks Leg in Three Places

Woman Launches Compensation Claim after Pothole Fall 25916

A woman from March, in Cambridgeshire is claiming compensation after falling over a pothole and breaking her leg in three places.

According to the Fenland Citizen, Susan Routledge, 54, was crossing the road on March's high street as she went to the taxi rank. But when she walked across the road to get to a taxi, her foot was caught in a pothole in the road causing her to fall and suffer injuries.

Cracked Kneecap

Ms Routledge was taken to hospital and was diagnosed with a cracked kneecap, meaning she will need extensive physiotherapy so that she can learn how to walk again.

The extent of the damage to the March woman's leg is such that she will not be able to work in her normal role as a dog groomer for at least ten weeks, leaving her with a large amount of lost income.

However, this leave of absence may need to be extended if Ms Routledge needs to have an operation on her leg, which may be the case if the cast she is wearing does not set her limb back properly.

"Very Painful Injury"

Speaking to the Fenland Citizen, Ms Routledge said, "I was waiting for a bus when my friend, who is a taxi driver, called us over. I was walking across the road when I tripped over becuase of a pothole in the road surface.

"It's a very painful injury. I will need physiotherapy and I will have to learn to walk again. I might even need an operation."

It is not clear when any decision will be taken on whether the woman will need an operation, although it should become apparent when further scans of her leg are taken in the coming weeks.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire County Council confirmed it had received a pothole accident compensation claim, before adding, "We are sorry to hear about Ms Routledge's pothole accident. We do endeavour to repair potholes as soon as possible when they are reported to us."

Pothole Accidents

Pothole related accidents are a common problem throughout the UK causing injuries to pedestrians and cyclists alike. Recent mild weather is likely to compound the problem, as waterlogged roads begin to dry and crack.

But one new invention trialled in Bedfordshire earlier this month could help HM Government to fix potholes in roads before they lead to trip and fall accidents like the one Ms Routledge was involved in.

Dubbed the "Dalek", the machine, which attaches to the front of a lorry, can fill a pothole at a rate around 30 times faster than the normal methods to repair roads. The Dalek is currently used in the U.S. and has been deemed a success in reducing road accidents and improving safety; reports the Telegraph.

Cost of Pothole Repairs

Poorly maintained roads are becoming increasingly costly for the UK economy, according to the Asphalt Industry Alliance.

The group estimates that it would take £12 billion in funding to get Britain's roads back to "reasonable conditions", but with government cuts these kinds of finances are not available to local Councils.

The Asphalt Industry Alliance's chairman Alan Mackenzie said, "It costs at least 20 times more per square metre to fill a pothole than it does to resurface a road."

By Francesca Witney