NHS Compensates Family of Rail Death Patient

The family of a patient with depression who left hospital unsupervised and walked in front of a train has been compensated by the NHS.


Newsquest Media Fined £3,000 after Workplace Injury

Newsquest Media has been handed a £3,000 fine after a worker was seriously injured by a rotating printer roller at its plant in Hampshire.


Parents Blame Doctors for Baby's Death

A family from south Wales have criticised doctors for not noticing that their baby boy was suffering from a severe heart condition.


Heinz Fined £50,000 after Worker Loses Hand

Food manufacturer Heinz has been hit with a £50,000 fine after an accident at its plant in Norfolk led to a worker's hand being severed.


Labour Pledges to Support Asbestos Victims

The Labour Party has confirmed that victims of asbestos will receive additional support if it wins the general election next year.

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