NHS Pays Compensation to Young Footballer

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A young footballer who was aiming to become a professional player has been awarded compensation by the NHS after an injury was missed by hospital staff.

Kaine Beckett was playing for Walsall FC when he was injured during a tackle nearly four years ago. He went to the Manor Hospital for treatment, where he was diagnosed with a sprain and told to rest for two days.

However, Kaine's foot did not get better and a month after suffering the initial injury, he went back to the hospital to get it checked again.

The foot was put in plaster and in December 2010, the boy was told that it had healed well, but his father Sean was not satisfied and decided to get him checked out at a private hospital, where it was found he had actually suffered a fracture in his fifth metatarsal.

During this period, he was unable to keep up with his training regime and was therefore dropped by his club.

Kaine's father decided to take legal action against the NHS on the grounds that the failure to diagnose the broken bone in his foot, and failure to provide appropriate medical treatment at the time the injury was sustained as it had irreparably damaged his chances of becoming a professional footballer.

Following a hearing at the High Court in Birmingham, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust has agreed to pay compensation to the teenager, who is now 17, although the amount of compensation paid out has not been disclosed.

"Football was all I wanted to do"

After successfully claiming compensation from the NHS, Kaine said he is "devastated" to have missed out on the chance to pursue his career aspirations. "I do feel that opportunity was taken away from me," he commented saying "Football was all I wanted to do".

Kaine said he is feeling particularly frustrated now that the World Cup is underway, as he has watched players he knew personally make it as professional players and be capped at international level.

For example, he noted that he used to play alongside Isaiah Brown, who currently plays for Chelsea, and thinks "that could have been me".

“It was all in my hands, if I had put in the hard work, who knows where I could have been," Kaine remarked.

The teenager went on to say that he did not realise at first quite how serious his injury was, as NHS Hospital staff had told him he "just needed to rest" in order to make a full recovery.

He described this initial diagnosis as a relief, since he could be confident he would soon be back on the pitch and able to play competitive matches. However, he said the mistakes that were made at the hospital after he was injured have ruined his career prospects.

Kaine added that the experience has taught him a great deal, before revealing he is now focusing on achieving his A-levels and studying medicine.

In the meantime, he still indulges his passion for sport by taking part in charity football games.

By Chris Stevenson