Lucas Leiva Dreams of Wembley Final after Football Injury

Lucas Leiva Dreams of Wembley Final after Football Injury

Lucas Leiva is a young Brazilian man with a dream. Tonight he lines up in Liverpool’s midfield against Chelsea in the League Cup Semi-Final Second Leg at Stamford Bridge.

If Liverpool win then Lucas gets a chance to play in the League Cup Final at Wembley. Three years ago Liverpool played in two Wembley finals but Lucas could not play in either because of a cruciate knee ligament injury sustained, ironically, in a cup tie against Chelsea.

Playing in a Cup Final is a dream shared by a lot of people. Football games are played every day in parks across the UK, sometimes just for fun but sometimes very competitive with players doing their upmost to help their team win silverware. Should any of these amateur players suffer sports injuries like Lucas Leiva did, they are unlikely to have access to world-class physiotherapy treatment like premier league footballers.

Cruciate knee ligament injury is one of the most common football injuries along with ankle sprains, hamstring strains and cartilage tears. The NHS offers advice on preventing sports injuries such as warming up properly and using safety equipment where appropriate but even the most prepared players suffer injuries caused by collisions with other players or twisting or falling badly on uneven ground.

Football is a contact sport and players accept that the odd bump or tackle is part of the game. What isn’t acceptable is when these tackles are dangerous or malicious. Amateur footballers who are injured as a result of dangerous tackles often have to cover the cost of their own treatment and can suffer loss of earnings as they take time off work to get their injury seen to.

If you or someone you know has been injured playing sport then it’s important to get evidence from other people that were involved in the game and ideally also from the match official. Such witness statements will be needed in any compensation claim that you wish to bring.

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