Ludlow Man Has Life Changing Injuries Due to Unguarded Machinery

Ludlow Man Has Life Changing Injuries Due to Unguarded Machinery

A Ludlow man lost his thumb, shattered his wrist, broke his fingers and left forearm, and fractured his right arm when his overalls got caught up in a shot blasting machine at Chris Hazel Haulage.

John Bagley was working at the shot blasting machine which didn’t have a guard on at the time of the accident.

The owner of the company, Chris Hazel, tried to get Mr Bagley to say that the guard was on the machine at the time of the accident but Mr Bagley was not comfortable in doing so. Chris Hazel allegedly offered Mr Bagley £2,000 if he kept quiet about the guard not being in place.

The Health and Safety Executive are currently prosecuting Hazel in connection with the accident. Hazel denies failing to comply with work equipment regulations and failing to conform to health and safety at work.

Apart from the guard not being on the machinery that inflicted the horrific injuries, Mr Bagley was also not given appropriate training on the equipment prior to using it.

Employers have a duty of care to their employees, and we all have the right to be safe at work. Our employers have to make sure that all equipment works properly and hasn’t been tampered with. If any guards are missing they must be replaced before the machinery is operated.

If you ever feel that you haven’t been given the right training, the right equipment, or you think that the machinery you have to work on is defective in any way, don’t use it. You can say no if you think you are in danger of being hurt.

Health and Safety Laws are in place to protect you from unsafe workplaces. If you are hurt at work you are entitled to claim compensation. Your employer is not allowed to treat you unfairly, or dismiss you, if you make a claim for a work accident.

Businesses are required, by law, to have Employers’ Liability Insurance to cover them in case you get into an accident at work, so you’re not taking money from your employer if you are awarded compensation. It comes from the insurance company.

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