Making a Pig's Ear of a Pig's Dinner

Making a Pig's Ear of a Pig's Dinner

A man who was working on a farm in Norfolk suffered a serious injury to his hand while sorting out the pig’s dinner.

The accident happened at Meadow Farm in Northwold back in December 2014 when the worker was made to shovel feed into troughs because of a failure in the automated feeding system. Pellets had built up on top of the machinery so the worker went to sweep it off with his hand. Then, to his horror, the machine started up and pulled his finger into the machine’s auger. An auger is shaped like a large corkscrew and this caused the farm worker to suffer a serious injury to his hand.

It is vital to have guarding on dangerous machines with moving parts. This workplace accident could have been prevented if the machine had the proper guards. It was the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the feed system had all of its guards and covers in place before the machine was put back into service. Norfolk Free Range Limited recognised this and pleaded guilty to an offence about providing safe equipment for employees to work with.

As it was established that the employer was to blame for this accident, they were made to pay. Norfolk Free Range Limited was ordered to pay a total of £13,313 in fines and costs for making such a pig’s ear of the pig’s dinner.

Employers should ensure all machines are safe for their employees to use. With the right guarding and protection, serious injuries such as crushed fingers and lost limbs can be avoided. If you see a lack of protection or guarding on a dangerous machine, you should report it to your employer.

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