Ludlow Man Has Life Changing Injuries Due to Unguarded Machinery

A Ludlow man lost his thumb, shattered his wrist, and broke his fingers and forearm when his overalls got caught up in a shot blasting machine at Chris Hazel Haulage.


Can I Claim if I Slip on Wet Leaves on the Pavement?

Autumn is a beautiful time of year and the changing colours are admired by many of us. But can autumn present a much higher risk of slipping or tripping?


Could the Most Unsafe Work Site in the UK be in Altrincham?

A site in Altrincham accumulated so many health and safety warnings it might be the least safe place to work in the UK. Unsafe work at height, Asbestos, fire and more.


Does your Rented Property Resemble Faulty Towers?

Landlords should ensure their property and the contents are in a good condition and not in any way faulty so as to prevent personal injury to tenants.


Marks and Spencer Recalls Twist and Turn Rattle Due to Choking Risk

Marks and Spencer has recalled a baby rattle over concerns that the little balls inside it could fall out. This would have potentially fatal consequences if a child had the rattle …