Take Extra Care When Driving in Dark Wintery Conditions

Take Extra Care When Driving in Dark Wintery Conditions

Driving can be dangerous at the best of times, as a driver, you are in sole control of your vehicle and one slip or lapse in concentration could cause an accident.

The British summer has come to an end and with that comes winter weather and darker nights for longer making it all the more important for drivers to be vigilant on the roads.

Before driving at night, be sure to check that all of your car lights are in working order, the front and the back and make sure one headlight isn’t brighter than the other because you could risk obscuring the vision of oncoming drivers.

If the ground is wet at night, ensure you drive carefully and slowly through big puddles on the road if you can’t otherwise avoid them.

When the weather starts to get colder and it starts to get frosty and icy, be sure to clear your windscreen, wing mirrors and other windows so you can see clearly where you are going and you are aware of other vehicles behind you. Also, if there is snow on your car before you set off on your journey, clear it all off because it could fall off whilst you are driving, obscuring your view and potentially the view of the driver behind you.

You should take extra care when driving near cyclists or motorcyclists at night by giving them plenty of room. Even though there are streetlights on in the dark and there are headlights on cars, visibility isn’t as good as it is during the day.

Watch out for animals running across the road in the dark, obviously they don’t know the green cross code and don’t wear hi-visibility jackets so can be difficult to spot. Due to this, you could potentially run over them and break sharply or swerve which could cause a road traffic accident.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen on Britain’s roads but if we all drive much more carefully, we can prevent them. For more helpful tips about driving in winter, visit the road safety charity website, Brake.

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