Man Badly Burned After Hitting Underground Cable

A worker digging a trench accidentally struck a high voltage cable due to the lack of survey or site plans available.


If I’m Injured in a Fire at Work, Can I Make a Claim?

There are many accidents that can occur at work from faulty equipment to slips and trips, but can you claim if you are injured in a fire at work?


Farmworker Crushed Whilst Moving Concrete Panels

David Taylor was crushed by a concrete panel after he was given inadequate equipment for building cattle troughs inside a cow shed.


Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Stay safe this Bonfire Night. Light fireworks safely to avoid unnecessary injuries, handle sparklers with care and don’t forget to wrap up warm.


Man Died at Work from Inhaling Toxic Fumes

Steven Conway died inhaling toxic fumes when his employer sent him to strip a tank whilst wearing inappropriate clothing and without a suitable gas mask.