Farmworker Crushed Whilst Moving Concrete Panels

Farmworker Crushed Whilst Moving Concrete Panels

A farmworker suffered multiple fractures after a poorly secured concrete slab fell on him at work.

David Taylor was working at Flotterton Farm in Thropton, Morpeth, when the accident happened. Mr Taylor and another farm worker were using a JCB telehandler with a fork attachment to build cattle troughs. They were manoeuvring reinforced concrete panels weighing about 1,500kg.

The men wrapped a hook-ended chain around the forks of the telehandler and attached the hooks to lifting loops on the concrete panels. The cattle troughs they were constructing were to be built inside the shed, but they soon realised that they couldn’t get the telehandler into the shed whilst lifting the concrete panel.

They lowered the panel to the ground to shorten the chain but the panel was not adequately supported. It shifted and fell onto David Taylor, crushing his leg.

Mr Taylor suffered six fractures to his lower right leg and he had to undergo emergency surgery to add a metal rod to his leg. He could not put any weight on his leg for four months.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the case and said that Mr Taylor’s employer, FT Walton of Flotterton Farm, should have adequately planned the lifting of the concrete panels. The HSE said that suitable equipment should have been provided to ensure that the work could be carried out safely.

The HSE fined Mr Taylor’s employer £5,000 and he was made to pay costs of £1,906 for failing to keep him safe from accidents at work. A compensation order of £2,000 was made to Mr Taylor.

Your employer has a duty of care to ensure that every bit of equipment you use is suitable for the job at hand, and that you’re trained to use it. In this case Mr Taylor and his colleague should not have been using the machinery for this particular job. It wasn’t suitable and this was proven by the accident that occurred.

If you are ever worried that you are using equipment that isn’t suitable you have the right to say no to the job and ask for something else.

Every business has to have employer’s liability insurance if they have people working for them so if you’re injured at work through no fault of your own you can claim compensation. This comes from the insurance company and not your employer so you don’t have to worry about them being out of pocket. You also can’t be fired or made to feel bad about claiming compensation for a work place accident.

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