Finger Falls Off in Pie Machine

Finger Falls Off in Pie Machine – Loss of Limb

Working with machinery with fast moving sharp parts can be dangerous. The risks are greatly increased if you do not fully understand and respect the dangers that machinery you use at work present.

When cleaning out a machine with moving parts you should always ensure that it is turned off before putting your hands or fingers anywhere near moving parts or sharp parts. An unfortunate worker from Tottenham found this out the hard way.

The worker was trying to keep production going at Nectar Patisserie Limited. She did this by scooping extra dough from a pie and tart machine. The machine was not discharging enough dough into tart tins at the start of the production process.

She managed to do this once but upon her second attempt the index finger on her right hand was cut off by an automatic knife. Designed to cut through dough and divide it into set portions for pies and tarts, the knife instead severed her finger half way up.

After an investigation into the accident at work, the Health and Safety Executive concluded that Nectar Patisserie Limited had failed to understand the true purpose of their health and safety checks and practices. They did not have sufficient guarding for their dangerous pie and tart machine with sharp moving parts and their safety procedure didn’t stop their employee from suffering a serious injury. All it took was one simple misjudgement and she lost a finger.

Employers have a duty of care towards their employees, meaning they must take every possible step to ensure you remain safe at work. For their failure to properly regulate the use of their work equipment Nectar Patisserie Limited were fined £15,000 and ordered to pay costs of £1,638.

If you lose a finger in an accident at work that is not your fault, you could make an accident at work compensation claim and be awarded between £6,575 and £15,680 for your loss. If you lose multiple fingers, and struggle with day to day tasks as a result, this figure could rise even further.

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