Halfords Recalls Unsafe Hoverboards

Halfords Recalls Unsafe Hoverboards

In the run up to Christmas, Halfords has alerted customers that the Air Runner Self Balancing Boards that they have sold are not safe.

Halfords has recalled all Air Runner Self Balancing Boards, also known as hoverboards. Halfords has found that both the black and white versions do not fully comply with British Safety Standards and could pose a fire risk.

The boards that are affected have the following serial numbers:

* 190375

* 192470

* 192488

According to Halfords the plugs that are supplied with the boards could become overheated and potentially catch fire. They have removed the Air Runner boards while they investigate.

Hoverboards have been in the news quite a lot as many cheap and unsafe versions have caught fire whilst charging. Trading Standards are now examining all imports of the boards as they come into the UK.

So far around 15,000 counterfeit boards have been confiscated as they were supplied with non-compliant plugs.
Trading Standards has some advice for buying hoverboards this Christmas:

  1. Never leave the device charging unattended, especially overnight. Many products have been found with a faulty cut-off switch which could lead to the device overheating, exploding or catching fire.
  2. Check the device. Look at the shape of the plug and check for traceable information, such as the name and contact details of the manufacturer or importer. See if the plug has a BS 1363 mark – this will tell you if it complies with UK safety standards.
  3. Search for reviews of the seller. Are they genuine?
  4. Look for spelling or grammatical mistakes on the websites you may be buying from.
  5. Where is the company based? Do they have a landline number you can call?
  6. Remember a company based abroad may make it harder to get a complaint dealt with or return a faulty product.
  7. Check there is an ‘s’ at the end of the ‘http’ part of the web address, or if there is a padlock symbol in the task bar. This indicates the website is encrypted, keeping your details more secure.
  8. Don’t be dazzled by a bargain. If prices look too good to be true, they probably are.
  9. Criminals will exploit high demand. When popular must have Christmas presents start to sell out at well-known retailers, the void is quickly filled by crooks churning out poor quality imitations that can put people in danger.
  10. Don’t ‘panic buy’ from the first website you find. Do some common-sense checks.

We have the right to buy and use products that are fit for purpose, safe to use, and in working order. If you are injured by a faulty product you have the right to claim compensation from the manufacturer.

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