Ambulance Service Found Liable for Failing in Patient’s Treatment

This tragic case highlights the need for emergency services to follow the correct procedures and to look beyond merely the view of the patient themselves.


Brain Injury at Birth Awarded £10 million Compensation

A girl who sustained serious brain injuries during her delivery has been awarded over £10 million damages by the High Court.


Manufacturing Firm Fined after Worker Loses Forearm

A Factory employee had to have his right arm amputated after it became entangled in a machine used in the banknote printing industry.


Brave Survivor of Vicious Dog Attack Takes on Peak Challenge

At the age of 13, Rachel Wisniewski was the victim of a vicious dog attack. At 19, she is studying Law at the University of Warwick and preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.


Farm Worker Falls through Cowshed Roof in Work Accident

A farm worker suffered serious injuries when he fell through a fragile cowshed roof and plunged three metres onto a concrete floor.

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