Scotland Was Once the Centre of an Asbestos Industry

Scotland Was the Centre of a Dangerous Asbestos Industry

It’s now common knowledge that asbestos can be a deadly killer when it’s disturbed. However the dangers of working with asbestos materials were not known when it was first used and it was then later used as a material to insulate and fire proof. It was widely used in dockyards across Scotland over the last century which has resulted in many asbestos disease related deaths.

Many pioneering companies who were first to develop and manufacture asbestos products in the 1870s were based in Glasgow. The asbestos industry became significant for the working people of Clydeside with over 50 asbestos manufacturers in business by the turn of the century.

The West Scotland industrial region was the centre of asbestos production and consumption throughout the twentieth century. Several large asbestos companies from abroad also set up in Scotland.

In the late 1960s many people in Scotland were employed to build ships in one of the Clydeside’s 32 shipbuilding yards. Shipyards were one of the main exposure points to asbestos in Scotland because asbestos panelling was commonly used for insulation on ships as well as in the building industry. Those people who worked on repairs, maintenance, locomotive construction and marine engineering at this time are at serious risk of getting an Asbestos Related Disease.

Dockyard workers were likely to have been exposed to asbestos fibres which can lead to a range of asbestos related diseases including lung cancer, pleural thickening and mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is incurable and thousands of workers have already died from it.

If you or a member of your family has suffered from an asbestos related disease you can claim compensation for exposure to asbestos fibres at work or at home. Even if the business you worked for at the time no longer exists you can still make a claim.

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