What to Do if You Are Injured on Holiday

What to Do if You Are Injured on Holiday

You’ve saved all year and finally two weeks in the sun is here. You’re enjoying relaxing on the beach, checking out local sites, eating amazing food, but then tragedy strikes and you’ve found yourself in hospital through no fault of your own. Sadly many of us do have accidents or fall ill whilst abroad and this can completely ruin the holiday we wanted to enjoy.

Over 50 million trips abroad are made by people in the UK every year and most manage to stay out of harm’s way. But on average 70 British people are hospitalised every week whilst on holiday abroad. Over 30% of these will happen in Spain – of which half occur on the islands of Majorca and Ibiza.

How to Claim Holiday Accident/Illness Compensation
Whilst most medical expenses are covered by travel insurance, compensation from those to blame is a different matter. Until recently you could only claim compensation if you had booked a package holiday but travel regulations have changed to provide further protection for anyone injured in accidents overseas.

You can claim compensation against the tour operator, the hotel, or cruise ship, or even the restaurant you were in depending on what accident or illness occurred.

Examples of Holiday Accident Injury Claims abroad include:
• Food poisoning
• Slips, trips and falls due to unsafe premises/spillages
• Road traffic accidents
• Swimming pool accidents
• Water slide accidents
• Airplane accidents
• Cruise ship/ferry accidents

If you or a member of your family has suffered an injury or illness when aboard it’s really important to keep a record of the events and to keep any receipts from any related expenses.

Try and get witness details for a slip, fall, or traffic accident. Photographs are a good way to document what caused the accident. Take as many as you can from lots of different angles. If other people suffered injuries in the same accident, or got food poisoning/suffered illness at the same place, get their names, phone numbers and addresses as they may be able to provide witness statements to support your claim for compensation.

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