Whiplash Injury Claims Explained

Whiplash Injury Claims Explained

It’s no mystery that Whiplash is a very common in the UK. According to the Association of British Insurers, nearly 1200 claims for Whiplash are made every day.

Whiplash is the term used to describe a neck injury which is caused from the sudden movement of the head going forwards, backwards or sideways. The vigorous movement of the head overstretches and damages the ligaments and tendons in the neck.

Whiplash often occurs following the impact of a road traffic accident. It can also occur if you suffer a blow to the head or through long term damage to the area such as having the receiver of a telephone positioned between your head and shoulder for long periods of time.

The NHS advises that Whiplash usually subsides and gets better on its own in time. If you are diagnosed with whiplash, it’s better to move your neck normally rather than keeping it still using a neck brace or collar, otherwise it’ll take longer to heal. Keeping the neck mobile even though it may be painful will speed up your recovery.

If whiplash lasts for six months or longer, it could be Chronic Whiplash or Late Whiplash Syndrome, if this is the case, the pain may be more severe and your GP could prescribe strong painkillers such as codeine. It may even be recommended that you seek physiotherapy.

It can sometimes be difficult to prove you have sustained Whiplash as it is not a visible injury, but you doctor can assess your situation and reach a diagnosis.

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