£10million Compensation Paid in Motorbike Accident Claim

£10million Compensation Awarded After Motorcycle Crash

A Nottingham man has won a compensation claim totalling more than £10million after a motorcycle accident left him with life changing injuries.

Marcel Beasley was riding his motorbike, overtaking a slow moving line of traffic, when a car pulled out to make a U-turn. With no time to brake, he smashed into the side of the car and was thrown across the road into a ditch. The impact was so strong that his helmet was torn off.

Eye witnesses to the accident stated that the car did not indicate and pulled out from the line of traffic sharply and without warning.

On his way to hospital in the air ambulance Marcel’s heart stopped eight times and he was in a coma for two weeks.

The motorcycle accident has left him with significant brain injuries which mean he is now in a wheelchair, his speech is badly impaired and he needs round the clock care.

The Court found the driver of the car to be 100% to blame for the accident. He has been awarded £4.27million to help buy a specially adapted home and he will receive £175,000 a year to pay for his live-in care team.

Prior to his accident Marcel Beasley was a pipe fitter at a power station. He has been unable to return to work and it is unlikely he will be working in the foreseeable future. His family has said that he is making great progress and is slowly being able to walk with support. He is making the most out of his new situation but life will never be the same again.

Sadly motorcyclists are roughly 38 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than car occupants per mile ridden. In 2013, 331 motorcyclists were killed and 4,866 were seriously injured on British roads. These numbers have fallen since 2008 but motorcyclists still account for 19% of all road user deaths even though they only make up 1% of traffic.

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