How to Protect Yourself against Avoidable Hearing Loss

Advice on How to Protect Yourself from Avoidable Hearing Loss

The World Health Organisation says that about 50% of people who suffer from hearing loss could have avoided it. They reached this sobering conclusion after looking at studies from wealthier countries around the world.

Preventative Measures

  • You should avoid exposure to sound 100 decibels or over for periods of time greater than 15 minutes. 
  • Night clubs, bars and sporting events have been highlighted as places which might expose you to dangerous levels of sound. It is recommended that you wear ear plugs when visiting a place with loud levels of sound and limit the length of time you spend doing activities with unsafe sound levels.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend listening to audio devices like mp3 players and smartphones to an hour maximum per day and also keep the volume at a safe level (under 85 decibels) by not exceeding 60% volume.

The people most likely to suffer a Loss of Hearing which is entirely avoidable are people aged 12-35 year old, with an estimated 1.1 billion young adults and teenagers exposing themselves to unsafe levels of sound. Sadly people often realise too late when the damage to their ears is already done and hearing is something you cannot get back.

Other ways in which people suffer a loss of hearing other than aging include environmental noise, genetic conditions, infectious diseases and industrial deafness.

It is an employer’s duty to protect their workers from accidents in the workplace and this includes work-related hearing loss. A noisy workplace is often the cause of gradual loss of hearing and people who worked in factories or call centres often do not realise they could make a hearing loss compensation claim.

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