Back Injuries | Simple Causes, Major Discomfort

Back Injuries | Simple Causes, Major Discomfort

Back injuries can be caused by many things but usually it is small minor things that are the cause, such as sprains, strains or irritated nerves. These can all cause great pain and discomfort.

You can sustain a back injury from not sitting in a correct posture, for example if you slouch instead of sitting up straight.

People who work in offices can easily suffer from back injuries simply by having their computer chairs incorrectly set up or by lifting heavy boxes by not using a safe lifting technique. People who have driving jobs where they sit in the same seat for hours at a time can also suffer from back injuries.

Back pain from injuries can also occur as the result of an accident whether it be a car accident or a slip, trip or fall or an accident at work where manual handling was involved.

You can claim compensation for a back injury you’ve sustained if someone else was at fault. This could mean your employer may be at fault for not following health and safety regulations. It could mean that a car driver is at fault for crashing into you and as a result, causing your back injury.

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